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^ I totally agree with menace
Originally Posted by The Great Equalizer View Post
1) “What type of game did you want to play when you first got into paintball?”
2) “What made you progress to your current preferred style of play?”
From the beginning i always wanted to play in the woods, but i found that I enjoy speedball just as much. For me my style didn't develop in one definitive way, it just kind of broadened the more I learned about different markers and the sport. I enjoy playing just as much open or stock class, pistol, semi, or electro and I have an eclectic collection of markers that reflect that. I like every different style for different reasons, and I play differently to emphasize the strengths of whatever i marker i play with. To me, woodsball or speedball, a good day of paintball is all i need.
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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
Long ago I coined the term Shiney Object Syndrome or SOS for short as a notorious wallet debilitating disease. Nowhere is it so alive as here at MCB.
Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
I'd sell any other possessions, property, children, extra organs or sexual services before I'd sell my paintball gear. Hell, I'd sell other peoples property before I sold my gear

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