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Running shoes - thoughts?

Ok, so I slacked off in the winter. No big deal got back to running some in the spring and am now really hitting it. The problem starts there. On tapering down and preparing for my annual half marathon I went into New Balance MT-10. Obviously I as in "great" running shape at the time. They did not have more than about 200 miles on them so I pulled them out this spring.

A perfect minimalist shoe they are causing some lower leg pain (to be expected). I pulled out my "treadmill" shoes - Mizuno Wave Inspire 6. However, these are not intended at all as a racing shoe, I just did not want ultra-light weight shoes on the treadmill.

I picked up a pair of New Balance 890s the other day. Three miles in they were actually "forcing" a pronation due to the amount of arch support.

I am thinking about the Saucony FastWick 5s at this point but have had issues since they narrowed the platform (around the time of the Xodus 2) I have had great luck with Saucony and New Balance in the past though and want to stay with one.. Durability is a secondary consideration as I buy new ones about twice a year. That being said I would pay more for an American made shoe. I want as light as possible and minimal cushioning. I would also like some very minor support - or else I would just stay with the MT-10s. These are going to be mainly for road / dirt running and if I get into technical trails I have a pair of Saucony Razors.
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