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2003 or older. There is an AKA forum on PBNation. Here is the link, the AKA crowd is almost as friendly as the MCB crowd. I said almost!!!

~~AKA Appraisals Thread~~ - Page 22 - PbNation

I would post in the appraisal section. I am guessing that the prior estimates on values are a little high. It does not have eye or eye covers. 2003 & prior eye covers are not longer made and hard to get.

Annoed Excal/Vikings usually do not sell for a lot more unless it has special milling. And the full milled and half milled do not go for a whole lot more that an unmilled ones.

It seem that the 03 unmilled Vikings with eyes are in the $350-$375 range. Excals and Vikings usually sell for about the same. You could always check completed sales on Ebay or see what is listed here in the electro section or hit AKA Owners Group and see what people are asking for 03 & older Excal/Vikings.

Looks like a very nice marker! Good Luck with her!
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