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Originally Posted by Ryan381 View Post
Of course a Half helmet will not protect you as much as a full face snell/dot helmet, it covers less..I think your common ape could tell you that.

I'm comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges as you are. What I'm saying is people think that a $500 helmet is going to protect you any better than a $80 helmet. Hence the saying if you have a $5 head buy a $5 helmet.

Take a Arai vs a low end Scorpion, both are snell and dot approved. Is the Arai worth the cost of almost 4-5 EXO-400s? Is it any safer? Not really they both meet Snell and DOT.

Buy what you want, but don't say that a more expensive helmet is going to protect you any better than a low end helmet of equal certifications
You said DOT, not SNELL. Nice try on the backpedal though.

My point was, if a half helmet can pass DOT than it can't really be that high of a standard. Fact is a lot of the lower end helmets are built to barely meet the spec.

You are telling Newbs that DOT approved garbage is as protective as a high end helmet. Give your head a shake. Just because you trust your head to a half helmet, don't advise newbs to do the same.

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