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Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
You said DOT, not SNELL. Nice try on the backpedal though.

My point was, if a half helmet can pass DOT than it can't really be that high of a standard. Fact is a lot of the lower end helmets are built to barely meet the spec.

You are telling Newbs that DOT approved garbage is as protective as a high end helmet. Give your head a shake. Just because you trust your head to a half helmet, don't advise newbs to do the same.

Well we will talk DOT, apples to apples once again...your saying a $50 DOT helmet is not as protective as a $400 DOT helmet??
Only reason I said Snell is your brought it up comparing a DOT half helmet to a SNELL full face Arai.

As far as the newbs, we are grown ups we can make the decision for ourselves.

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