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Maybe. But the G-1 is a somewhat more expensive gun to manufacture than the SP-1 was, what with its multiple feed blocks, longer barrel, CAR stock, stainless screws, and carrying case.

I'd offer that the SP-1 was always curiously under-priced anyway.

The fact that the Vibe/Envy is virtually unchanged yet is $30 more expensive than it was tells more of a story.

That does bring up an interesting question though: Where the sale of the IP to KEE leaves GoG?

Does anyone know if the Gardners were able to buy the SP IP back from the bank after the seizure, and then sold it to KEE, or did KEE buy it directly from the bank? If the former I would imagine that they retained the rights to utilize the IP for themselves. If the latter, then they could be in the amusingly just position of being liable for infringing "their" patents.
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