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Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
Now you are just being difficult to try and prove your point. Show me a high end DOT only helmet. There is a reason you need more than a DOT certification to race. (Either SNELL or ECE)

Nice try with the edit to add farside's link. Too bad it is a 6 year old article and the helmets tested are now outdated.
You do realize that as a result of that article SNELL changed their testing procedure to be closer to that of DOT.

Manufacturers pay to have their helmets SNELL certified, not all helmets are sent in for SNELL certification.

Any helmet is better than no helmet but stating that just because a helmet costs more means that it protects you better is false and misleading.

FWIW the author of that article was later fired from Motorcyclist magazine. He claims the reason was because of pressure from the high end helmet companies who didn't like his objective findings.
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