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I haven't run into too much in the way of complicated game play. You have to get a crew, upgrade your tank if you wish, and play. Basically WASD for movement and mouse for aiming and fire.

You can spend the $10 a month for the premium account, but I don't see the need. In the 10 or so hours I've played, I've earned enough Silver and Research XP to acquire and upgrade two basic level tanks and an additional light tank with a few upgrades. Hasn't cost me a penny of real money. If you want the uber upgrades and monster heavy tanks you'll either have to grind away through game play or pay the $10. I'm fine with my light tanks.

To practice, you can do "Training Battles" instead of the "Standard Battles". You don't earn any coin or XP but you can mess around and get the hang of it. I did that at first, got my skills down and then headed over to the regular battles.
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