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Originally Posted by Bisbonian View Post
You do realize that as a result of that article SNELL changed their testing procedure to be closer to that of DOT.

Manufacturers pay to have their helmets SNELL certified, not all helmets are sent in for SNELL certification.

Any helmet is better than no helmet but stating that just because a helmet costs more means that it protects you better is false and misleading.
I know about the new SNELL regs. I know why they were implemented. I also know what to look for in a helmet. But....

Not everyone does. By stating DOT is DOT and are all equal is false and misleading as well. The problem with posting a tidbit of info is that someone may walk into a bike shop tomorrow and grab a $50 bargain basement helmet that has been sitting on the shelf for 10 years. Then thinking they are good because DOT is DOT.

Going with SNELL is still the safer way to go. In the end you have to ask yourself if a company doesn't want to spend the money for the certifications, what else are they cheaping out on?
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