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The factory in China was tooled up way before GI Milsim. The China plant was set up to manufacturer the plastics and cast parts on the ION and then expanded to other plastic parts for the developing product line, the truth is plastic and casting is way way cheaper there. It's not a secret and the entire business world goes there to do that type of work.
GI Milsim production was in Richmond's facilities as I understand it, not the Gardener's, however I could be mistaken. GI Milsim was, is and always has been a company separate from SP/GOG though principal investors are shared. I really have not paid much attention to GI Milsim as I thought the entire idea was D.O.A.

The move to China for full production was predicated on the need to be competitive in a ruthless marketplace. The company made some bad moves, compounded by a bad economy. The effort to right the ship was in full swing when PNC hammered in the stake that killed the company. With no CAP Line the company could not operate. The reorganization failed and the move to liquidation was the final option. Coming back , the only way to stay competitive was to join all the other manufacturers overseas. Sad tale, but not a new one.

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