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Okay, well, i am sucked in now too.

I put $7 on my account, in order to get out of those weeny first tanks as quickly as possible.

Then, I discovered the trick to NOT spending more "hit points" than I earned in each battle... now, I have a healthy inventory.

Just tricked my A-20 (super speedy precursor to the T34) with a 75mm gun and I have been winning more than losing with that tank.
Also, had to add a slot in my garage to accommodate some arty (a Wespe) and am doing a lot of killing with that.

Round that out with a respectable TD (with a 105 for now) and a mid-range Pzkfw III with a smokin' long 50mm.

Okay, I am hooked but feeling much less pressure to play constantly now that I have a few decent tanks. If we platoon up, I fear it will become worse again.

Anyone else notice how much this game is like paintball? I find that my development was so very similar to my early paintball days... now that I am getting familiar with the various "standard" maps, and have a better "gun", I find that I play WoT exactly the way I played paintball (as a young man... my A20 is SOOOOO speedy!)

Okay, so... keep me posted on platooning. I am "ThunderDrum" on WoT.


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I still don't get that.
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