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Carter - the tool

lol - I couldn't resist the title.

... foreplay...
As I filter players I meet into categories I look for guys that I would like to play with in the future - that are fun to play with and against... and years ago I used to send them to to help them join that local community and to help them see there is a culture that supports and encourages honorable play. As some of these players joined in, they began to truly join in the regional players community - and all was good. very much like a small business joining the rotary club or chamber of commerce - it speaks volumes about the business, but also changes how the business does business.

From my perspective pbjunkie early on was a great regional community where novices became intermediate players, and intermediate players became integrated into the regional travel ball culture.. nearly void of dbags.. All was good. Junkie is closed up and the old members scatted to the four corners of the web and I find myself wanting to send new friends here - to help them network, communicate, fellowship and the like - and maybe instill some of the oldschool values that make the game great IMO. MCB seems to me to be the logical choice - and has never failed to please.

...the tool...
I have a vision in mind.. a pile of business cards I keep in my gear box.. and when I meet a player that has the qualities I find appealing (my first filter), I hand him a "join me on MCB - send me a pm when you get there" card. When I get the PM - I know the guy is at least a little serious about the game (the second filter)...

...Old school T bagging...
then I let the hot water do the work as the player steeps in the culture here... helping the player learn there IS honor in the game, the original game IS still very much alive, and that while he may be hooked on the game he is not alone.

your thoughts?
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