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Originally Posted by jdlarson11 View Post
Anyone ever do this?

Go to a field you have never played at before with a cheap mask, tippmann 98

and jeans. Play against their "advanced" players and dominate. I think this would be fun
we call it "box lunch".. most fun w/ a group of friends, duck tape on everything, hopper on backwards, local college sweats, and you have to ask the dumbest noob questions of the refs etc w/o cracking up or giving yourself away. Ive got some pics somewhere. SCPAINT won the last one dressed as a walmart manager.. high water corduroys, tight short sleeved button down shirt with obligatory short clip on tie..

more pics:
--- pıɐ-ןooʞ ǝɥʇ ʞuıɹp ʇ,uop---

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