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Any truck Drivers here?

Well after 30 yrs of wondering aimlessly around the world on airplanes I am thinking of calling it quits.
I still have the wander lust so I am thinking about driving a big rig>
I have had a class A since I retired in 03 and have only driven school bus with it.
From the forums on trucking I see a lot of good and bad things about it.
I am looking at Prime as a dual driver with the wife.
This for good or bad would allow me to see my lovely bride for more then 10 days at a time and maybe even make to EMR again.
I have always loved driving big equipment after growing up on a farm.
I have limited experience in a Big rig ,however you have not lived until you drove one on Okinawa and had to deal with the narrow *** roads and having to back it onto the ferry.
Anyone got any pointers etc?

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