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All things Ronin Gear, go to I&I Sports, they are actually the folks behind the Ronin Gear line. It's relatively cheap over there.

If you are into old parts and old markers, I&I Sports is the only paintball store that could possibly have what you are looking for. Also Jerry 'Cocker Doctor' is there. If you have some old marker, particularly cocker that needs to be looked at then take it to him, he knows his stuff. Just don't bring any marker post 2006 to him as he tends to be out of touch with many markers of today. He can fix any marker really, he just still holds onto old stigma's about certain markers. Also careful with the lady behind the counter, she can come off a bit rude but the rest of the staff is cool.

I&I has a few BKO's, trilogy pumps for cheap, Sterling pumps, Automag barrels-and automag related parts i.e frames, replacement parts... among some other old stuff like Jersey's (32 degrees, older JT)

All other paintball stores in southern california mainly only carry newer items. Check out Time2Paintball in Artesia, Pit Stop Hobbies in Glendale/Eagle Rock, for anything relatively close to Pump markers and pump related accessories/gear. Both small stores, but the folks behind the counter or run the store are good people.

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