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Originally Posted by rob-o View Post
I don't know all the information but since T9.1 you can connect a tank as a stock and don't need to route the air through the mags, Tiberuis was going to release a new cheaper version of the mags that did not support 12 grams.
The joke being they are still as as yet unreleased product. Even though for the longest time we kept getting. "Mags will be released in 2 weeks" from Tiberius. That was many moons ago. Lately the rumor is that it's not worth going into full production as there's not enough of a market. Even though all the T9.1 users and the few of us with T8.1 remote kits have been begging for quite a while.

Many of us planning to or threatening to move to Phenoms with these mag kits ... just for the cheaper magazines.
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