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Originally Posted by S7G View Post
You can take a class at a truck driving school.
A lot of community colleges offer the class as well.
You can do what I did and just walk into dmv and take the tests. I passed all but the Haz-mat on the first try with no studying it was all just common sense stuff.
I then Paid $250 to have someone ride along for the driving part.

That was how I did it anyways.
So does that mean you don't have a Air brake endorsement? Because there is nothing COMMON SENSE about all of that. Truck driving school can be in the thousands. Your best bet is to get a job at a local moving company and have them train you and get paid while you do it. Once you study the book that you can pick up at the DMV a few times go down and take all the tests you need for the type of job you are wanting. After you learn your pre trip inspections , and air brake tests and how everything works, the company can let you driver with a CDL driver. When you take the driving tests there are several tricky things they will make you do. If you bump a cone with the truck or trailer, you automatically fail on the spot. I have had my Class A CDL since I was 18 years old, I am now in my thirties, I still keep if current even though my current position at the same company does not require me to drive or anything of the sort the last 6 years.
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