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Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
Sorry. It's just I can't sit back and watch somebody talk about how the "really like" their half-helmet and then go on to say that a cheap DOT helmet is just as safe as a high-end. That is bad and potentially dangerous advice.

Arguing personal choice is fine when all parties are well informed of the decision they are making. But when you bring new riders into the equation the advice should be safety first as it is a good chance they will crash in their first year.

Just because you don't consider yourself a newb doesn't mean there aren't others reading this topic also. Being that this is a paintball site there could be kids reading this thread and taking the advice given.
Not to pick at details.
Nobody I know crashed in their first year of riding. Including myself, starting with two seasons of racing.
Perhaps it would be better to spend your time advocating proper training?
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