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Originally Posted by Julien View Post
.679 insert WITH ELECTRICAL TAPE IN THE BARREL and I was getting rollouts.

Yes, rollouts is plural. I got many of them.

Another player was getting rollouts of his .675 ccm insert......

I mean...what the hell is going on? These balls cant be advertised as .68 cal paintballs anymore....
This is simply absurd and unacceptable. You are PAYING for a product that you aren't recieving. Imagine paying $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline which wouldn't work in your car. You are paying for .68 caliber paintballs, not .67, not .66, not .69. Vote with your feet. Refuse to purchase sub-caliber paint. We are the consumer. It is we who holds their economic future in our hands. If they are providing goods or services which we aren't satisfied with, say something, and tell them that you refuse to use their product for whichever reason you are dissatisfied, and you will discontinue its use until such time that they can rectify the problem. These business have Customer Service representitaves, they love to hear from me. They love to hear when they're doing well, they love to hear when they're not.
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