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Originally Posted by Detachment Bravo View Post
I'd gladly pay double for a case of paint that was decent sized at my local field if only they would make it available. Benefits of playing rock 'n cock.

As it is half the damn balls roll out of the barrel before I even have a chance to shoot them.

I was playing last week and was using Valken Grafitti and had my .679 insert in and imagine the disgust when I see a rollout. Holy crap.

I play at a field where we bring our own paint and I have had problems with every single bag of paint wheather it be size differential variations ie. some are .679 and some are .690 in the same freekin' bag! This is fresh (supposedly) high dollar paint not the cheap stuff! Gimme a freekin' break!

Oh the joy's of living and playing paintball in northern Canada. And of course there's only one place that sell's Nelson paint in a 400km radius of me and they dont ship! I swear we get teh factory re-jects badged as mid-high grade paint.

I am however going to this magical place that sells Nelson paint today and I am going to buy it! Even though I have 4 different cases each with 1 bag of opened self tested paint in my gear room...bah! BAH, I say!

-The P.A.P. ~on a self quest to find quality paint in the Nor-West!
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