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Lots of Dye Matrix's! & Angel G7 Fly

Ok well I have gone ahead and taken some pictures of my Dye Matrix's that I need to sell. I still have more stuff to put up, but for now here are these that need to go!

1. Shocktech DM5 $450

2. DM5 $350

3. DMC $375

4. DM7 $450

5. Toxic DM3 $350 OBO

6. Trama Freeflow DM3 $350 OBO

7. Angel G7 Fly $350 OBO

1. I will not ship first, it is highly doubtful that I will take trades but if I do I will not ship first.
2. Payment must be verified before I ship any items, so if you send me money orders, cashier's checks, paypal, etc. I will make sure that the money is in my account before I ship.
3. Any payments made by paypal must clear before shipping!
4. All items will be shipped thru USPS Priority unless otherwise negotiated between seller and buyer and will have deliver confirmation.
5. Post first the PM.
6. I treat everyone with respect and I expect the same from everyone, if you have something negative to say handle it thru PM's.
7. Thank you and have fun!
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