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Ever go through and read your old feedback?

So got bored and decided to go read my feedback thread just for funsies. I was shocked at some of the stuff I've bought/sold and completely forgotten about. It was also kind of funny to see the people I've dealt with in the past that have either become really well known here on MCB, or the opposite where I dealt with a well known member who has disappeared into oblivion.

Also amusing: I can't stay away from phantoms. Just in my few pages I've probably bought and sold well over a dozen of them... Most markers I've tried out and never bothered with again, but seems like I get the phantom bug every 2-3 months. Tried ATS a couple times, Cockers, mags, tippmanns, etc, but never had the desire to buy them again.

Anyway... that's my observation for today, back to your regularly scheduled programing.
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