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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
So (and do pardon my living under a rock) . . . What happened?
I haven't talked to Glenn since like 2003, so my memory on what he told me what happened is probably horribly wrong. If memory serves he said he had a truck/van/something parked... somewhere overnight, and in it were a bunch of markers. Built into the vehicle was a hidden lower compartment. Whoever stole Camille got into that compartment, moved all the other really sexy and expensive markers that were on top of it, and took Camille specifically.

Everybody "knows" who did it, but pretty much it won't be seeing the light of day ever again. Assuming it even actually exists still and wasn't destroyed by said thief.

But again I haven't heard the story in a long long time so I could be mixing it up with something else.
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