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I find that most non-paintball players don't know "marker". I refuse to use such a blatent example of word games that don't fool anyone. When I was surrounded in Detroit I never said "marker" and only "gun". It's not illegal and there is no punishment for it. They kept trying to call them firearms or projectile weapons and I corrected them each time; paintball gun, gun, gun.
I took pictures and wrote down names. They will not get away with stealing my guns.

What it comes down to is that many of the TSA agents don't know their own rules, although I think they have gotten better over the last few years.
To help them(and me), I print out and laminate a copy of their TSA paintball rules from their own website and put them in what ever case has guns or tanks. If they didn't know the rules they will.
Even if they want to give me a hard time because they're sadists, they can't because they know that I know.
And they won't get away with it.
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