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You can only transport the marker in the checked-in luggage and declare it everywhere. When I was bringing mine, they've put a "Firearm inside" sticker on my luggage and at every checkpoint they wanted to look and xray it. Otherwise there was no problem.

As for the tank, I've heard that you have to disassemble it, emptying might not be enough, so you might be better off using a borrowed tank.
As noted, declaring paintball equipment is not necessary by TSA rules and in fact usually causes you more trouble than it is worth. However if you have a milsim or very close replica marker, you may want to consider notifying.

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The reason the valve has to be removed is so everybody knows that the tank is empty. If the valve is on it is assumed there is air in the tank thus making is illegal to transport. Tanks are also not X-ray proof, X-rays will penetrate cf, steel and co2 tanks.
I believe the reason that rule came about was some people had smuggled some weed inside a tank
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