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Taking a bunch of first timers to the field: pump or semi?

I'll problay have a game with my coleagues from my new job and most of them never actually played paintball before. I'm going to lend markers for everyone but I'm in doubt on what's better for them: pump or semi?

I think a pump experience can be fun as it's a "lighter" game regarding the ammount of shots and the money spent but would also be a game with more action, regarding movement and technique, thus providing them a good vision of the game.

Semi on the other hand can meet more expectations regarding shooting volume (there are some guys saying they want to shoot like crazy) and, for a first time, it could be easier to them as they wouldn't have to worry so much with gun operation.

What would you guys do in my place?

Please remember this is not about what's better as a game (pump or semi) but what's better for a groups of guys who never played in their lifes.

Please share your thoughts.


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