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Ill spare all the nitty gritty of my collection and just the arc of main guns.

-Wgp ranger pump
-AK-1 Avenger (z1 clone)
-Autococker (94)
-Polished out and studded with chrome and nitro Vm68
(Those two held place in my gear bag at the same time)
-Back to my 94 cocker
-Palmer houndstooth
-Custom cocker that I milled/annoed/built
-B2k with angel frame and board
-Impulse (no no really)
-Palmer Blazer
-Gen-E matrix
-Ir3 Fly angel
-Tippmann Effect (then thor omega) E-A5
-b2k4 with eyes
- Emagnum'ed Emag (morlock board emag)
-Omen (no again really)

Then doom struck and I started working at a speed ball field and the tourny bug came and bit down HARD.

- Lasoya Timmy
- 2k2 timmy
- freestyle
- SFT shocker
- 05'ed Classic timmy
- 05 Leopard annoed Ego
- Marq Rapper
- Vice
- 05 black magic CCM pump ( I ran this for about a year )
- 07 ego
- droid
- two 09 egos (I bought traded an all white one for a tribal one in a week. Both sucked)
- dm9
- built up black hearted Sp1
- Marq Victory
- And now my main semi is that BH'ed Sp1

RIP - Ed "BigDaddy" Roth and "Indian" Larry
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