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many many moons ago when I was just a wee lad:
rented taso spartan
borrowed friend's VM-EXC
borrowed brother's tippmann prolite
borrowed friend's diablo (pump)
bought Brass Eagle Tigershark

just before and shortly after 2000:
bought myself a PMI Piranha STS G3
bought myself a tippmann 98c and a flatline
bought myself a diablo (pump)

More recently, from visiting MCB:
bought myself 4 former rental VM-68s
bought myself a PMI Piranha EVO SE
bought a wood stocked PMI 1 that Pillage put together
bought myself a nice shiny brass PGP
bought myself a classic automag
bought myself a VM-EXC
bought myself a PMI Trracer
bought myself a Vulcan pump for no real good reason
Assembled my Rattlermag
bought myself an Odyssey RPM
bought myself a former Rental Automag

and thats pretty much it, I think. so thats something like 18 guns that I've owned
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