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Originally Posted by stevedavidson View Post
All "telling the ref" does is hand you a lost game and threats of further penalties against your team if you don't STFU.

Old School: I played in local, regional and national tournaments from 1984 through 1997 (regularly) and a few every once and a while since.

So far as players taking justice into their own hands on the field, NOTHING has changed since 1984. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

Some of what Mike said is true: if you give respect, you get it back. Unfortunately, the reality is that usually, in order to get respect, you need to catch the other team while they are disrespecting you and make them eat it. Right? No. Could things be better? Sure - if we had a professional reffing crew.

As it is and always has been, more than likely the refs on the field are friends of the guys you're playing and you've got to beat them as well as the other team if you are going to win.

There really are only two options for a player: either accept the fact that you're going to have to 'regulate' on the field or don't play competitive ball. Any other options are a waste of money and time. Me - I opted to play, even if that meant I was going to have to 'put five into the back of someone's head' to prevent them from spinning on me. And, sad to say, you know what doing that got me after the game? A handshake and a recognition that I 'really' knew how to play the game. (Couple of threats of a fight in the parking lot too, stopped by teammates of the 'offended' party who told him that he got what he deserved.)

It is a very twisted logic, but one ultimately borne out of paintball's refusal/inability to put real referees on the field and to enact real sanctions against deserving players.
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