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I don't know Chris, nor do I judge him from that video. And IMO professional fulltime refs will make for better controled game, but they will never fix it. Having a couple home teams being the ref squad was such a joke! They knew going in who would get a favor, because they knew the would need one at the next stop in the circuit

For the same reasons PB is hard to film as a sport, its impossible to ref like any other game too.
There is no stop of action, there is no reset to the previous position. While some minor infraction gets caught, something major can happen at the same time that doesnt get called and these things are usually game changers, I have lost games to this, it sucks.

Chris, got caught paying someone back, I got it, seen it done many times, been in tourny where we have had to put extra paint on someone myself not like that, but when the one shot dosnt work, and you know its not going to work, you make sure the cheater has enough goo on him that he knows its not worth the penalty or its painfull..

Non of this is right, but unless we are willing to play Laser tag, PB will never fully change, there is way too much money spend to win very little money back.

Sometimes I really wish I had all the money back that I spent on Tourny PB...
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