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Originally Posted by WGPKlaus View Post
Chris was an above average player, I sure as hell don't believe he's a "legend", but there are really only a handful of players I'd use that term to describe (myself being one of course, at least a legend in my own mind! :-) ). As far as playing since the early 80's, that's clearly an error.

I remember playing him for the first time at the last Dallas NPPL event when he was on Easy Company, a team Scotty Flint had started pre Avalanche, and Chris was horrible, even with their sideline help pointing out our field positions to them during the game, where if memory serves me correct, we won 8 bodies up.

I will say, he's definitely become full of himself in recent years, but he used to be a decent guy, relatively humble.
Actually Scotty Flint never played on Easy Co. he was a Colorado Bounty Hunter. I think he guest played for us a time or two but that was it. Once Easy Co became the Aves then Scotty joined the team. As for Chris being a bad player back then.... Nope he single handedly took out Shock with WGP sniper (PUMP) vs Vu's Autococker toting Shockers, got punched in the face, then shot in the maskless face by one of those jack asses who was later "protected" by the (pros) refs and ALL involved who called it a draw. Why, because we made one maybe two events a year and Shock could afford the full tour.

Steve; no bad blood that's just the way I see it, if it were me vs the committee it would have gone down like this... Team cheats and gets caught, eliminated from contention, go home, see you when you can "play it straight!"

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