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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Except for the rookie at the Pan-event. The one he sent to the hospital?
Chris Lasoya banned from Pan-Am

Also banned from the WPF, and suspended from the NPPL a few times.
By all accounts, a very good player, when all that matters is winning.

That might explain the total collapse of tournament paintball.
Every sport has its cowboys. You don't think the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL have ever suspended or fined players? He's a competitive athlete playing for money, glory and the general love of running out on the field blasting people with his team. He doesn't ALWAYS over shoot (I saw a video of him surrender an X-factor player instead of bunkering him, as he was standing directly behind him with his barrel pointed at the back of his head, and tapped him on the the shoulder) but it happens, deal with it.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
Said it before and I'll say it again

There is no excuse for it, no matter who it is or what they did blah blah blah.

It's unsportsman like conduct, period.
Chris does a good job at being the bad guy so that people like you don't have to worry about people like Kyle Stahl wiping 10 hits a game. You're welcome.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
It shows that a person is not in control of themselves, much like a child. A game is not a place to enact revenge, or for players to "regulate" on the field - that's the refs job. Don't like the way someone is playing, tell the ref. They don't do anything, complain to the management and let them know your taking your money elsewhere.
Have you been to a national event in the past 10 years? It doesn't work that way anymore. Too many people complaining and not enough people that care. Pretty much the reason why I hate the PSP.

Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
There you have it folks... Everything that is wrong with paintball today all summed up in one post.

The thought that you must regulate a field yourself, not the refs..., the idea that you must shoot someone in the back of the head multiple times, and that you must live with that idea, or get off the field and don't play.

I guess I'm done playing. Shut down the site, I've heard it all.
Sorry you're just now realizing other people are stuck doing your dirt for you. Blame irresponsible managers and employees that are running the fields or refereeing that don't care, not the people who are man enough to do something about it.

Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
The fact of the matter is as with any organized sports league, the league should make and enforce the rules, the players and teams follow the rules or go someplace else.
I agree completely. That's why I support local and regional leagues, as they provide an alternative to the teams that have been screwed by the NPPL or PSP, then brushed off when they voiced their complaint. These large leagues aren't cracking down on cheating like they should and there aren't as many qualified or dedicated refs as you'd want on the fields. When a team gets shafted, it's almost like they have to go look for a brick wall to talk to for 45 minutes so that nothing can come of it other than a waste of 45 minutes.

If teams were dealt with sternly for cheating, people like Chris wouldn't need to drop the hammer on the thugs because they wouldn't be allowed on the field in the first place!

Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
Carter - shut down the site and I'm camping on your porch in protest
So long as he's not sitting on his porch with a shotgun when we get there, I'm with you. I like this site, it's one of the last few websites that isn't run by a few different paintball company's advertising dollars.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
I’ve played tournaments too back in the day 84-86 and never saw this.
That was 6 years before today's best tournament player in the world was even born haha...

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
And I never saw anyone take justice into their own hands on the field in those years. And as a ref at Coram under Mike and John we did not tolerate any kind of nonsense from walk-ons or regulars, regular games or competitive games.
When you don't tolerate cheaters, nobody has to "do something about the cheater". Once again, the refs/management doing their job prevents the need for a vigilante.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
When you give respect, sometimes you get respect and sometimes you don’t. So when you don’t get respect back, instead of just walking away, you act like a thug and cause physical injury and pain to another person on purpose. For “respect”. So now paintball is akin to gang behavior.
No. You cause physical pain to someone on purpose when they're cheating and being a jerk and the field owner isn't doing anything about it. That's not gang behavior, that's being a man. Wussification of America. Since when was standing up for yourself or others "gang behavior"? If some guy is cheating all day, the field owner does nothing about it so you just pack up and leave and never come back, he's still there wiping hits for the rest of the day. Probably the next weekend too.

If you and 2 other people shoot him 20 times every game after that, who is the one is going to want to leave the field and not come back now? The guy that has a pepperoni pizza on his back side.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
So what you are saying is instead of banding together and demanding and making changes you fed your money into a system that was corrupt and encouraged others to as well. Of the 2 choices – play a corrupt game and have to hurt others and risk being hurt myself or not play at all – option 2 seems the better of the option. The other option not mentioned is creating an honest, real league. Where rules are enforced and unsportsmanlike conduct is not rewarded but punished.
Well since option 3 involves starting your own paintball league I think it's safe to assume most people are going to go with option 1 or 2. I don't know about you, but I have more fun playing than working, which is why I choose to play at the local field instead of work there.

You guys need to realize how lucky you have it at the fields or tournaments where there aren't jerks. This isn't your father's PGP in the woods 15-man paintball anymore. Most tournament players are probably in the 16-29 age range (testosterone = through the roof) and are under some illusion that cheating, stealing, malicious overshooting and screaming at refs is somehow ok. Hence why at World Cup, you see the most thefts, wipes, bonus balls and arguments.

The next time you go to a field and don't have to tell a ref to watch someone, you don't have to walk around asking people if they'd seen something that was sitting next to your gearbag 5 minutes ago, you don't have to ask the owner to do something about the guy who won't stop overshooting newer players, make SURE to thank them at the of the day. Those fields are becoming the minority in the paintball world are getting harder and harder to find.
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