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Originally Posted by Slim View Post
I've heard many good things about the ASP detent body so I might have to try one out.

As far as "modified stock-class" goes... That's what I call open-class. In my book it's either stock-class, or it ain't. The day I give up tubes and 12 grams is the day I give up paintball.
Bah, I still have to use 10 round tubes Stock class is fun, but I HATE having to spend money time and time again on 12ies, not cost effecient when I can buy 1 13/30 and get free fills forever on it That and 12ies in the winter SUCK. But to each his own!

Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
If you go with the Gargoyle body... You won't regret it. The ease of cleaning is so damned nice.
That's exactly what I did on my phantom... went from a phantom to a gargantom to a cool Gargoyle
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