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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post
Back of gun needs work. too short and unappealing. at least come put to the end of the frame. I do not like this at all.
Personally I feel CCM is getting caught in the industry trap of "we gotta get out a new model"
If you are innovating then yes you do, if it is aesthetics than no, no you don't.
I think I can speak for a lot of CCM fans when I say, I'd rather of seen the energy being spent on the sniper rifle project.
Hellz Nah! The sniper rifle while cool, I feel is not very practical for actual playtime and for CCMs business model.
How is this not innovative for CCM? This is more than an aesthetic change to their already impressive marker lineup. The looks are very different from anything out there, but then again I bet that was what CCM wanted.
I think this is the right direction for CCM to be taking with the new phantom, metadyne pump, bob long pump. It seems everyone is throwing their hats in the new pump marker ring and CCM is coming out swinging.
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Auto-Trigger. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every mother****er in the room, accept no substitutes.
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That was worded better while you were hungover than most internet posts are while their writers are dead sober & pain free.

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