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Mini Lathe for sale.

I have a 7" x 12" Mini Metal Lathe by Grizzly. Only really used the lather for polishing and very little turning on aluminum. Grizzly sell this lathe for $525.00 + shipping.


Powered by a 3/4 H.P. motor, this lathe also features: variable speeds (0-2500 RPM), inch and metric reading dials, turret tool post, chip tray & splash guard.

Variable Speed
16 TPI Reversible Leadscrew
Forward and reverse in all speeds
Chip Tray & Backsplash Guard
Threading Dial Indicator
Standard & Metric Graduation

Swing over bed: 7"
Distance between centers: 12"
Spindle bore: 20mm
Spindle nose taper: MT #3
Tailstock taper: MT #2
Tailstock travel: 2-1/2"
Cross-slide travel: 2-3/4"
Maximum tool bit size: 5/16"
Speed range: Low Range: 0-1100 RPM, High Range: 0-2500 RPM
Range of threads: 12-52 TPI
Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V
Number of thread pitches: 18 inch & 10 metric
Net weight: 74 lbs.
Shipping weight approximate: 89 lbs.

Standard Equipment:
3" Three-Jaw Chuck with External Jaws
Steady Rest
Four-Position Turret Post
Complete Set of Change Gears
MT #2 Dead Center

Thanks for looking ...

Ken W
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