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halfbacking a Spyder

Can anyone move this to the custom project section? or is there some dumb way I can move it?

How far can you cut off without ruining the function of the marker? I just bought a project gun to work off, it's an old Spyder Victor. I am going to be milling in a rather thin flame design, that I am going to custom paint and clear coat over. I haven't received the marker yet, but it should be here next week.

I am counting on this to take a very long time to be completed, but I'm hoping to keep it functional most of the way through. I'm also going to replace the bolt with a delrin replacement, add an electronic grip with eyes, and most likely adding a nice regulator.

This is probably not going to end well, and if it doesn't at least I know of a few places that sell old spyder bodies for $15 a piece. Hope to have some bigger pictures when I receive the marker, as these are kind of small.

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