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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
Unfortunately,most markets aren't going to be big enough to support this kind of league.

Older players tend to have more income, so that part works in favor for something like this, but on the flip side, they usually have more commitments that take away time (wives, kids, jobs, etc.)
I respectfully disagree with the commitment issue. On a local level it would only take as much commitment as going to play on the weekends. Also the demographic for older players is shifting. Most of us have now intergrated the sport/hobby into our families so even if the rest of the family doesn't play they still come out and support us when we play. On a national level the commitment would be a challenge but the league idea was more for a local venue versus national. The concept as stated has been used in limited format on a national level, however for some new older players that aren't savvy to the paintball life might not know about it and would be missing out on thinking that the tournment scene is limited to kids with deep pockets.
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