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Originally Posted by pirhana92 View Post
As much good stuff I've heard about the Axe. Its WAY out of my price range.
Hmm.....well, if you can save another $50 - $100, how about a Dangerous Power G4? I had one of the original G3's when they came out, and it was a hell of a shooter for the price. The G4 improved on everything, and it's so simple to work on that it's almost stupid. No o-rings on the bolt, either. In fact, I'm pretty sure it has no moving o-rings whatsoever. They run about $290 - $300 depending on where you go, and you can probably pick one up cheaper used.

I see them all the time at the field I frequent, and everyone that has one loves it. They have a bit of kick, but I'll be damned if they don't work great. I would take one of them over the mini any time. Same price point, but the G4 feels nicer in the hands to me.

Otherwise, as Seymour said, if you can find an old Ego/Etek around that price, I would jump on it. Egos have always been great guns, and there's no shortage of stuff available for them. I don't know how far back Eclipse goes with gun servicing though, so you may be on your own if something goes awry.

things for sale!

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