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Thanks for the help, that actually gave me quite the idea on how to make this look, and shoot even better. I'll probably get around to adding that into the drawing sometime next week. I'm thinking I'll probably cut this as far as I possibly can, while still keeping the marker functional.

As of now I'm building this for me to use for a season, then sell. Thing is chances are I'm going to get seriously hooked on this thing, and not stop customizing it till it doesn't work anymore. I'm thinking about using this as a testing platform for my Pnu-spyder. Should be a very interesting project, and I have a very simple idea on how to complete it, and keep it functioning at high speeds.

I am just realizing this would probably get a lot more views and responses in the custom section. If anyone reads this and can move it for me that would be very helpful. I'm not all that sure on this forums policies on moving stuff around, but I figure it probably wouldn't be a good idea to repost it there.

Just curious, how does the spyders antichop bolt work? I can't seem to figure it out, so if someone could explain it to me as I can't seem to find and diagrams of it, only pictures of the bolt itself. Mostly I just want to know if I could fit one into this marker to save myself from having to go electronic, and fitting eyes on this thing. As I would much rather try to make the pnu-spyder and have it not chop.

Well thanks for your time reading me blab on about my newest project, but I'm pretty pumped about it. As I actually care for this design.
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