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Read the Bill - NOT about Paintball

SB 798 Senate Bill - Bill Analysis

The bill discusses BB guns and Air soft (form of a BB gun.)

Yes some of these can look real. This bill does have a place.

HOWEVER a colored gun is NOT the answer. What stop me from painting my real gun orange?

This issue needs to be addressed properly and this bill is NOT the answer.

Education and restrict sales like "real" guns for items that look like real guns. If a person does not understand what it means to point a gun (real or fake) at a person they should not have access to it.

In CA we have to jump through hoops to get a "real" gun. (test, age limitation, background check, etc...) So why not make people do the same thing for a BB gun or like gun.

Note: most Paintball guns do NOT look like a "real" gun. Those that do should be restricted and have consequences if people do not use common sense.
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