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I really liked my PzIII. It was one of my favorite models to build back in the day. And, the long barreled 50mm, while not as good as the Ruskie 76, is still a damn good arty killer and has a terrific rof.

I was gonna hold on to it, as I find the Upgraded PzIV to be a dumb tank, but that long 75 is a killer gun, even at long range.

As I was telling Mag last night, I finally am getting into tanks that fit my crappy tactics. I like finding my targets and, either ramming them or standing off and going punch for punch until one of us is killed.

Alas, these come with higher tier games where everyone else has big tanks too, but at least I can knock off the lower tier guys easily.

Last night, I parked my KV-3 in the middle of the crossroads on the new hilly map and knocked out three who gathered around me pounding me with hits. Took 15 hits and their frustration with my unkillability was evident.

And then some wallet warrior mook with a Lowe came along and ended me. Shoot!


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I still don't get that.
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