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Picked up a four star reverse minimag valve with level 10 from him, and am very pleased.

On first discussion he quickly sent several good resolution close-up photos showing all the 'flaws', and stayed in constant communication.

On completion of the transaction, I requested he pack it a bit more sturdily, owing to the rough-housing of our local postal crew, and when it came, I nearly had to perform an exorcism to get the thing out of its padding and packaging. Sealed in plastic and bound by multiple layers of piping insulation, wrapped with duct tape, and filled out in the box with heavily wadded newspaper.

It is no exaggeration to say that you literally could have thrown it from an airplane and it would have been perfectly healthy.

THAT is how to pack.

Moreover, he shipped it when he said he did, and it came when he said it would, complete with tracking info. It also looked better than I thought it would, based on the pics.


1. Item better than described.
2. Fair price.
3. Great communication.
4. Shipped quickly and accurately.
5. Packaged for the zombie apocalypse.
6. One very happy buyer.

I recommend him without reservation, and will not hesitate to do business with him again.
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