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Clear CCM 45 grip, CP rail, mini drop, etc..

Clear CCM acrylic grip frame = $15 shipped

Blue CP rail = $15 shipped

Mini drop forward = $4 shipped

Phantom pump handle = $7 shipped

Neck protector = $4 shipped
Speedloader = $4 shipped

Black CCM Autotrigger = sold
Green CP direct mount on/off = sold
Nickel Palmer's Fatty Stabilizer (with extra piston O-ring) = sold
HPA fill nipple protector = traded
Composite WGP slider frame w/ trigger shoe and split grip= sold
Chrome ergo reg = sold
WGP 2K2 green body w/ internals and OTP bolt + front block = sold
Pre BE 12v Revvy = sold
Jt Flex Fan = sold
WGP 2K+ pump kit w/ full pump arm rod= traded
CCM 45 gloss black frame w/ beavertail = sold

Combining shipping will give few $ off for small things.

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