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Try and get the Burner 1.0s cheaper , they're not a "current" set of clubs, haggle 'em down a bit .

Great clubs though, a buddy of mine has a set.

I dont know squat about the Diablo's, I use an older set of x18's and they're figgen sexy.

As for shoes...meh, I've never seen the need to wear golf cleats, I just rock my Circa's on the course's but someone may chime on in and say golf cleats are the greatest thing since CCM...

Balls...I am particular to Callaway Warbirds. The feel of those balls matches up well to my clubs.
Different clubs like different balls, hell...even different swings like different balls, try a few different types out and see what works and feels good to you with the clubs you decide to use...balls. hehe

I use a glove! In fact...I've been dabbling with the idea of using....2 gloves!!! hahaha. I havent seen it but I dont think theres a "rule" against it.

I dont know if theres any golf forums like mcb or not...probably is if you search on google but I aint on any of 'em.
-happy swingin'.
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