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As close as I've found, but stopped searching a long time ago since golf is like paintball, minus the tinkering, in that you just have to get out and do it.

Anywho, go in and get measured and see if you are ok looking for an off the shelf set. Odds are you'll be fine, but I bet you could get some custom fit clubs made at Golfsmith as long as you don't need to be flashing Callaway or Ping around.

If you are going off the shelf, you can't really go wrong these days with iron sets. One thing to look at is if you need 'normal' clubs, or 'draw' clubs. Get a set with hybrids for the 3/4/5 irons, it's just easier that way.

I've hit Nikent 3Dx irons for the last few years because carbon is just dead sexy.

I shoot around 100, but don't really care. 4 hours of calmness outside is well worth the triple digit scorecards. It's about having fun and playing with fun people, just like PB.

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Hey guys.... Since we're sorta on the subject....

If I were to buy just one wood for driving range fun, where do I find the best value, product-wise?
Ebay. Filter down to drivers and then sort by location. That's where I found mine. Anything 425-460cc's will be just fine.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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