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I just saw his covers available for sale here like a day or maybe two ago. They look cool, and I know how durable paracord is, since I have it as a grip for a couple of knives, as well as it being used for a few other things as well.

It's good to know that the cord is also a bit heavy. Not as in truly heavy, but if a tank cover for something like a 45/4500 or 68/4500 is going to weigh in almost as much as the tank itself, that gives me a bit on an idea.

I have thought about what to do for my 22/3000 tank, since it is painted bright orange. One of these covers would be cool. My only issue, being able to show the hydro date. Even though a 13/3000 or a 22/3000 does not need to be hydroed since it falls under the 2X2 rule.

Great review, and great job showing the cover off. So how does it hold up in games?
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