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Had both a galaxy tab, wife has now, and a Xoom. Xoom blows it away, but also cause all it's specs are double the Tabs. 1GHz dual core and a GB of RAM help it fly. I only use a laptop at home now to help mod my droid X and such and put music on my Xoom. So i use it like once a month tops, Other then that i am all Xoom all the time. Never leaves my hand when i am home unless i am pooping, eating, sleeping, or showering. Works great. Super fast. THe Honeycomb OS is very smooth and much more intuitive then GB or froyo. Just flows.

The Galaxy tab is nice. But it basically is your phone with a 7" screen, same 1 GHz processor and 512MB ram your phone has. I liked the tab, cause it was just my phone with a bigger screen. But once i touched the Xoom, i don't look back. If you were near me i'd say you could try it.

I love a lot of the tablet only apps they have for the Xoom, yeah there are only like 50 so far, but some of them are really cool, Google Body, 360 News.

Overall i basically now know i will never buy a laptop again. I am only going to go with tablets from now on. I have the one laptop i need to hack my X when needed. Everything else is full time tablet usage.

As to the contacts issue. Make a seperate contact, then go into the contact and click Menu, then Merge contacts with another, and choose the other contact. they are one.

edit: i stand corrected, they seem to have taken out the merge contacts feature....hmmm...gimme a few minutes

edit2: i got nothing. Best i can say is log into your gmail on a browser and mod it there.
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