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Lightbulb Angel 1 Speed

Intended Disclaimer:
Please be aware that any information you may find in this thread(s) and / or subsequent post(s) are not intended whatsoever for replication / duplication of any kind. Any data contained herein is beyond any product warranties and is therefore not suggested nor promoted to be pursued in any form whatsoever. This thread is intended as an exhibition / exhibit of an independent project only, nothing more.


PROJECT NAME: Angel 1 Speed
CODE NAME: Ghost On The Warpath
DEVELOPERS: Jordan “Somnambulistz” Kaufman + Pat “Dr. Strangelove” Mulligan
PREMISE: To merge what is deemed old with the newest and latest technologies culminating in a viable platform
DESCRIPTION: A Bonebrake 05 Speed with reworked hardware to accommodate an Angel 1 frame and board
- specially milled 05 speed valve retaining pin
- entire CP aftermarket parts (05 speed regulator adapter, regulator, volumizer, asa, breech knob)
- specially purposed 1.8 MM laser eyes (orange) with thin profile as well as A1 adaptive connectors
- faux original 05 speed back plate with switch harness in place to prevent any debris from causing issues
- specially fitted eye strap (to allow for space constrictions)
- matching black fittings and original low profile feedneck
- milled and accurately tapered Angel 1 grip frame allowing for a flawless and seamless fit with no gaps
- anodized to match the unique Bonebrake dust velvet finish
- all associated hardware from the A1 reference oil / lube cards used including eye pipes, bezels for the frame
- milled off and accurately levelled rail removal as well as the latest A1 Fly grips which style fly sandpaper
- A1 / A1 Fly Tadao Sly / Yakuza OLED board with USB connectivity and fully future upgradable /programmable
- unique Critical A1 Trigger specially fitted to work with both 05 speed magnetic (upgraded) veneer wheels
- magnetic veneer wheels as well as trigger hardware can all be used to achieve trigger preference
- specially developed fibre shims which eliminate all lateral trigger movement and allow for a smoother pull
- blackout screw kit being integrated as they arrive
- Bonebrake Bolt and Cobra Valve to be integrated upon arrival but are shown to be completely compatible





S1S Project Presentation :: MOV00409.mp4 video by Somnambulistz - Photobucket

S1S Project Presentation :: MOV00426.mp4 video by Somnambulistz - Photobucket

S1S Project Presentation :: MOV00418.mp4 video by Somnambulistz - Photobucket

***** More videos to follow *****

Acknowledgements / Thanks.....

First and foremost, our greatest thanks to our closest friends and advisors. Josh “Shibbykins” Jacklin, Ray “warpathpd” Davila, Justin “Desperado Ghost” Edwards and Stefan “Dizzart” Didizian. Without you this project would not have come to fruition.

Robert Moon of (a gentleman of immeasurable patience), Jay of APS N. America (Godsend) and David of (who helped beyond words!).

Tim “Tj”, without your decency, openness to ideas and suggestions of making what was old new again, such a project may have been abandoned before ever getting off the drawing board. You are a gentleman and someone that the angel / modding community can be proud of.

Carter of Mcarterbrown (one of the few good souls and a mench), Mattthepepe (keeping Angel Owners working), Pumpscout and Msonic of PBN APS Section (you guys really are gentleman even if you hate us calling you that) and everyone who hasn’t given up on angels.

We also can’t forget our community, from Wolfy *RIP PHOTO WORKS*, Owen, AC, Sonny, Jules, Adam, Matt and Alex of Ragnarok Paintball Team (and Jackie <3), to Sight, HomanPSU13, Fletch, Vegard, NinjaBen, sharkethic86 and the funniest man on the web, SHOMBER (who keeps our spirits up and the roflcopter flying!).

(Click here for the Torque ReduX Project)

MCarterBrown Feedback



Angel 1 Speed

Torque ReduX

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