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CCM Marker Comparison Thread.

The picture above is of a Series 5 Basic - but the Series 5 came in different configurations. The weight difference is to reflect the changes over the years to the Series 5. (I will add pictures as I get comparable ones.)

Marker: Series 5
Weight: 2.13 - 3.3 lb
Length: 16 1/2"
Height: 9 1/8"
Body Type: Full
Detent: Single Wire
Hammer: Standard (1.55 oz - 1.250" L)
Valve Type: Cocker
Pump Arm: Single
Feedneck: Angel or CCM Threads
Recommended Input Pressure: Between 300 and 350 PSI
Main Spring: Standard (1.915L)
IVG Tool: 1/8 Allen Key

*All weights and measurements were done with no barrel, a Midrise feedneck, a CCM Straight Rail, and CCM ASA.
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