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Well I have the marker, I disassembled and have been taking measurements. As of now I'm working on drawing out the flame design on the body. Anyone know thick the pressurized areas of the marker need to remain structurally sound? I was thinking I should just not take any off around the pressurized areas, just to save myself from any possible ruptures. The plan now is to replace the trigger frame with a totally custom 90* frame, with a pneumatic trigger. I'm thinking this will probably be the hardest part of making this gun, as I have to mill the whole frame with an old manual mill, but it should be fun, so that's all I care.

Earlier today I replaced the trigger spring, and removed the venturi from the stock bolt. After which I polished the internals. Now I have the marker totally dissembled, and getting ready to cut. Hardest part about this is probably going to be getting myself to be ok with possibly breaking a working marker.

Also as for the paint, a good friend of mine suggested that he might buy it off me if I do it black with red flames. I'm thinking that that would actually look sweet, so that is what I'm going to do.
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